We continue to strengthen our position as the premier supplier of online monitoring solutions through the delivery of skilled engineering and support services. Our qualified engineers provide hardware and software laboratory engineering and testing services to meet new and demanding customer requirements. We are equally committed to providing our customers with superior post-sales technical support services.

Hardware and Software Engineering
PGA provides innovation-oriented, cost-effective, and customized engineering services to assist our customers to meet their specific business requirements. Our services include requirements analysis and system design; prototype development, technology and system integration, and testing and QA.

Support Services
We offer several cost-effective support options to help customers with project implementation, technology knowledge transfer, and problem resolution. They include:
  • Installation, testing and QA;
  • Remote and on-site support;
  • Mobile device management;
  • Training;
  • Documentation services;
  • Software support subscriptions;
  • Extended hardware warranty;
  • Spares and replacement options;
  • Video and intrusion monitoring.
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Hardware and Software Engineering
Device and Network Installation
24/7 Video and Alarm Monitoring
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